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Smile with Flower

Custom Keepsakes bracelet Customized jewelry with your flowers

Custom Keepsakes bracelet Customized jewelry with your flowers

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  • Custom made bangle bracelet with your flowers. Whether it's flowers from your bouquet, anniversary flowers, memorials, or any flower that has special sentimental value can be turned into a piece of forever jewelry. Also jewelry with infused hair/fur or cremains of loved ones.
       They are available in sizes: S, M, L, XL          
            S.   Inside diameter 2 23/64" (60 mm) wide 3/4" (20 mm )
            M.  Inside diameter 2 3/8" (62 mm) wide 3/4" (20 mm )    
            L.   Inside diameter 2 5/8" (67mm) wide  1" (25 mm )
            XL. Inside diameter 2 53/64" (72mm) high 1" (25mm ) 

      Loosely close your fist, and measure from the center of the first knuckle to the center of the last knuckle.
      That measurement is equal to the diameter of your bangle size. If between sizes, size up to the larger.
    • Once you've made the purchase, just send us a message and we'll discuss your flowers, colors, design and tell you where and how to send your flowers.
      • Your flowers need to be completely dry before you send them to me. If they are sent without being fully dried, while in transit, they will go brown, possibly develop mold, and we're not able to work with them. We will likely have to use tiny pieces of petals and leaves because whole petals and leaves would be too large. 
      • Dry flowers/petals send in a small container or zip-lock bag and bubble wrap them well.
      • Ashes/Cremains  Half (1/2) teaspoon is needed per design. We will return any unused ashes along with your completed order. Enclose in a zip lock bag and seal releasing all the air. Use a second zip lock bag to ensure the ashes are secure. 
      • Pet Fur/Hair Only a few clippings are needed per design. We will return any unused fur/hair. Place the clippings in a small envelope or zip lock bag and seal. 
      • Your bangle will come in a gift box ready to gift-giving


        Epoxy Resin , Pressed flowers

        Care information

        RESIN CARE

        The resin is strong and durable but should be treated as a ceramic as it can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. For long-lasting use keep out of direct sun exposure.

        Remove your resin jewelry when:

        applying lotion, perfume, hairspray, or other beauty products, showering or swimming, cleaning with harsh chemicals.

        Do not allow your resin jewelry to become extremely cold or hot. For example, don't leave it in a car on a hot day. If it does become extremely hot, it will become malleable - just allow it to cool to room temperature before handling excessively.

        Do not store in direct sun.

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        Customer Reviews

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        Tracey L.

        Very beautifully done. Great customer service. Thank You! For making it perfect

        Lovely Bracelet

        Elena created a wonderful bracelet incorperating some of my pony's mane. She answered all of my questions quickly and sent pictures as soon as it was done. The bracelet is a gift for my daughter and I am quite sure that it will be treasured.

        Nancy A.
        Wonderfully unique

        With some of my beloved cremation ashes, this piece of jewelry is very special

        Kathi D.
        Beautiful bracelet

        I am just so thrilled with my "remembrance" bracelet! I had this made for the loss of my sweet LIebe and it contains some of her ashes. It makes me feel happy when I wear it. . .she is close to me still.

        Jake husser
        Truly made me smile :D

        I contacted this company after seeing them featured on an instagram page i follow. I saw 1 item i loved but didnt see another that fit my needs, i asked if a custom item could be created. I got a response within 30 mins telling me it is possible and they would be happy to help. After a f ew emails detailing my order and a very brief wait i received my custom bracelet and pendant today. They are so beutiful and fun. It made me smile opening them knowing how much my gf from texas is going to love this blue bonnet jewelry. I am already messaging them for a new item. Love the product and company. Thank you for the great communication and beautiful craft!

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