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Four leaf clover resin necklace, Real clover jewelry

Four leaf clover resin necklace, Real clover jewelry

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  • This handcrafted resin necklace features real four clovers delicately encased in clear resin, creating a colorful and natural garden-like appearance. The resin not only protects the delicate clover but also enhances its beauty, reflecting the care and love put into crafting this pendant.

    A four-leaf clover is a rare and cherished find, symbolizing personal aspirations and dreams. It's a unique and meaningful gift suitable for anyone, regardless of age. Each leaf of the clover represents faith, hope, love, and good luck, adding depth to its significance as a thoughtful and special present.

  •  The pendant measures about 1" (25 mm) and comes on an  18" chain, either in  Sterling silver  or Hypoallergenic surgical steel If you like your necklaces lower down, longer chains are available here:
  •  HYPOALLERGENIC - No rust, not dark, not oxidized, very strong, does not cause allergies. Chain made of natural surgical metals without impurities. Suitable for those with sensitive skin to conventional metals, gold, and silver.
  • The listing photos are representative of the item you will receive. Just as in nature, no two items are identical. However, each pendant is guaranteed to be just as lovely as the listing photos.
  •  Each finished jewelry listing will arrive ready to gift in a gift box!


Epoxy Resin , Pressed flowers

Care information


The resin is strong and durable but should be treated as a ceramic as it can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. For long-lasting use keep out of direct sun exposure.

Remove your resin jewelry when:

applying lotion, perfume, hairspray, or other beauty products, showering or swimming, cleaning with harsh chemicals.

Do not allow your resin jewelry to become extremely cold or hot. For example, don't leave it in a car on a hot day. If it does become extremely hot, it will become malleable - just allow it to cool to room temperature before handling excessively.

Do not store in direct sun.

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Customer Reviews

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Anne R.
Clover Pendant

The little girl in my neighborhood who looks for four-leaf clovers every day will be receiving the necklace for her birthday in one week. I was delighted with my purchase.

great experience

Great gift for St. Patrick's day coming up. Everyone needs to show their Irish ancestry and everyone needs a little extra luck.

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